Name: arden

Born in Istanbul in 1982, Arden started designing clothes at the age of 14. After taking classes from Ekrem Kahraman during her high school years, he went to Brighton, England in 2000 to study art and fashion design. Then, he continued his education on fashion illustration, printing techniques and fashion design in London. In 2002, he added mixed-media works to his artistic spectrum. Arden, who has no commercial concerns about fashion, concentrates on art and tries new techniques with many different materials in his studio. 

Adopting Zen culture, Arden is most influenced by Far Eastern cultures. The multidisciplinary artist, who has participated in many exhibitions in Turkey and internationally, continues his works in Istanbul. 


Participated Exhibitions/Fairs 

  • 2013 Solo Exhibition, ‘Sketchbook Drawings Selected by Çağla Bingöl, Juno İstanbul
  • 2014-2015 Various Group Exhibitions including 1. ArtAnkara Fuarı
  • 2016 Solo Exhibition, ‘Spirits of Non-living Things’ Joint İdea Arnavutköy
  • 2016 Karma Exhibition, ‘Can Can’ , Lemo Art Gallery, Berlin
  • 2017 Karma Exhibition, ‘Maddenin Halleri 5’ , Armaggan Gallery, İstanbul
  • 2017 Karma Exhibition, ‘Young Arts’ Lemo Art Gallery, Berlin
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition, ‘Dialogues With The Inner Self’ Joint İdea, Arnavutköy
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition, ‘Land of Fantastic Things and Great Spirits’ Joint İdea , Arnavutköy
  • 2018 Solo Exhibition, ‘Inner Archaeology’ 10 Karaköy , İstanbul
  • 2019 Solo Exhibition and Collaborative performance series ‘Stick With Me’