Gonca Kopuz
Name: Gonca Kopuz
Contact: info@bbprojectt.com

Gonca Kopuz was born in 1976 in Istanbul. 

1983-94 She studied at Private Şişli Terakki High School. 

1994-99 She graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University, Faculty of Business Administration, Department of Finance and University of Portsmouth, Department of Marketing. 

Between 1983-93, she participated in many group exhibitions and received various awards and honorable mentions from Bulgaria and Romania. 

1994 She opened her first solo exhibition at Terakki Foundation. 

Between 2012-15, she held workshops with Ertuğrul Ateş. 

2013 She participated in the group exhibition 'Bridge to the Soul' organized by Art 4 All People and her works were exhibited in Los Angeles, Miami and New York. 

2015 She participated in group presentations under the direction of Mehmet Ali Hatemi at Sofa Hotel. 

2017 She met with art lovers at Sanat Gezgini Gallery. 

2018 She participated in a group exhibition curated by GüLseli İnal at East Gallery. 

2018 Contemporary Istanbul with Gallery Baraz 

2019 Affordable Art Fair / Milano. 

2019 Istanbul Art Show/ Hilton Exhibition Center /Galeri Baraz 

2019 StepIstanbul- TOMTOM/ Gama Gallery 

2019 Art Weeks Akaretler/ Galeri Baraz 

2020 Istanbul Art Show- Galeri Baraz / Hilton Istanbul Convention & Exhibition Center 

2020 Hagia Dimitri Church group exhibition 

2020 Affordable Art Fair/ Milano 

2020 IAAF/ Istanbul Art and Antique Fair / Lütfi Kırdar Convention and Exhibition Center- ICEC 

2021 BAAF Bodrum Art and Antique Fair/ Herodotus Cultural Center 

Gonca Kopuz, whose works are owned by important collectors such as Murat Vargı, Can Has, Metin Mızraklı, Batu Aksoy and Erol Özmandıracı, continues her works in Istanbul, which has been the capital of three empires in history.